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Practice is currently occurring on Sundays at 9:30 at our Winter location, the Multi Purpose Facility, at 1025 N Ford Street (northeast intersection of Ford and Galley). See you there!

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Be it known to all that profess skill in the science of defense that we, Benjamin Roberts and Benjamin Holman, being the rectors of the Black Falcon School of Arms within the city of Colorado Springs, do give leave and license to our students Allan Griffith and Scott Wiedmeyer, to play their Scholler's Prize, against all schollers and students whatsoever, in this subtle mystery, at the long sword of two hands. These are therefore to give notice to all comers that they, the said Allan Griffith and Scott Wiedmeyer, shall be here present at the hour of noon on March 15, 2015, at the City Auditorium in Colorado Springs, to perform their uttermost for the achievement and bearing away of the prize.

Welcome to the homepage of the Black Falcon School of Arms. Founded in August 2003 and based in Colorado Springs, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and re-constructing historical European martial arts.

Our main focus is to re-construct the art of late medieval and early Renaissance English longsword combat as exemplified by three primary texts dated between the early 15th and mid 16th centuries, with possible reference to later sources or those of other countries of origin if applicable.

We pursue our goal through research of texts, images and artifacts from the period along with cooperation and support from the greater European martial arts community.

This website is intended to inform interested parties about the BFSA, to share research and insights with the greater European martial arts community and to further the goals of the BFSA as stated in the mission statement. Use the menu on the right of the screen to navigate the site.

Mission Statement

The Black Falcon School of Arms' purpose is to re-construct the art of late medieval and early Renaissance English combat, with an emphasis upon the use of the longsword. To accomplish this goal, the group will make use of primary sources from England and other regions, when applicable.

Research and experimentation upon this topic shall take place with a variety of different tools and using several different sources so as to gain a more complete understanding of the social climate, practical considerations and historical context associated with the art of late medieval English longsword combat. Re-construction of said combat shall be pursued in a safe and organized manner that emphasizes development of martial skill and safe drilling and sparring practices.

All information contained within this website is copyright, 2006, the Black Falcon School of Arms and the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild. Background image used with permission from Bronwen Hodgkinson.