The Cotton Titus Manuscript


Strokes of ij hand swerde / Strokes of the 2-Hand Sword

Ffyrste a Rownde for the waste Sengyll wt a fune
also a quartere with a fune. A Rake sengyll wt a fune.
a dowbull' Rownde a dowbull' Rake with a nauke
a quartere and a Rake and a wype with a spring' vyding
with the lyfte hand In a quartere with a fune skypping
with a wype. Than' a quartere and breke a fune atte țe ryght
shulder wt a robecke.

First, a wasted rownde. Single with a foyne.
Also, a quarter with a foyne. A rake single with a foyne.
A double rownde. A double rake with a hauke.
A quarter and a rake, and a whip with a spring, voiding with the left hand.
In a quarter, with a foyne skipping (step) with a whip.
Then a quarter and break a foyne at the right shoulder with a rebuke.

Than țe chase Ffyrst a dowbull' Rownde wt a bakke fune
and a fore fine Rennyng' wt a Robecke an a Rowndez
voyding' wt a Reste an a bakke fune to thetone
a fore fune to the totherwith a bakke fune to țe fune with a
nauke suying' and ever țe fote țe hand țe hye and țe herte to accorde.

Then the chase. First, a double rownde with a back foyne.
And a fore foyne running with a roebuck.
And a rownde voiding with a rest.
And a back foyne to the one (side) and a fore foyne to the other.
With a back foyne (changing) to the (fore) foyne. With a hauke swinging.
And ever the foot, the hand, the eye and the heart accord.

Strokes atte ye ij hande staffe / Strokes at the 2-Hand Staff

The fyrste poynte is a florysh abowte țe
fynger. Țe nexte florysh is aboute țe hande
and thane iiy quarteres and a rownde and
ij rakes and ij Fownes iiy quarteres closed
țat a Rownde war' hym țat armes behynde and
than ij awkes for țe wrong syde and țan
a fune for hym in țe toder syde and țe
herte țe Fote and țe Eye to accorde &c.

The first point is a flourish about the finger.
The next flourish is about the hand.
And then 3 quarters and a rownde.
And 2 rakes and 2 foynes.
Three quarters closed, that a rownde (beware he that arms behind).
Then give 2 haukes for the wrong side.
Then a foyne for him in the other side.
And the heart, the feet, and the eye accord, etc…

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